Sweet moments with bibi



For the crepes:

  • 2 Fuji apples peeled (8 apples for 4 people)


  • 2 frozen bananas for each pancake is made (8 for 4 people)
  • Vanilla or cinnamon (I chose vanilla)
  • 1 Fuji apple peeled and cut into very small squares (to fill each crepe)
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice to season each chopped apple
  1. To make each crepe use two apples per crepe mash or minipim the apples then roll them out into 2 circles and dehydrate at 41 ° for 16 hours. (This will depend on the ambient humidity). They must be pliable.
  2. To make the filling for each crepe, minipim the frozen banana and smear two of the bananas onto each crêpe. I use frozen bananas to get a more consistent texture.
  3. Now add some vanilla and lemon juice.
  4. Then place the other apple pancake over the top. (At this point you can add pine nuts, walnuts and raisins). Roll up and serve!
You can also add pine nuts or walnuts and raisins