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Lentil Shoots

Lentil Sprouts

Shoots from a kitchen favorite

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Lentil Shoots


Lentil shoots or sprouts (Lens culinaris) are a good source of B vitamins
and minerals like zinc and selenium.

The proportion of vitamin B12, which is scarece in plant foods, increases
during the germination of lentils.

Buying lentil shoots

Shoots and sprouts are becoming increasingly available in stores, and it’s
best to buy them in markets and specialty stores. They are usually sold
in trays or small bags. We recommend buying only what you need to use,
as shoots are fragile and should be consumed quickly.

In the kitchen ...

Lentils are one of the most widely consumed vegetables, especially in
stews and salads. And growing shoots has always been popular with
children. Because of ittheir high content of carbohydrates and proteins, the
seeds germinate quickly and easily. They have an intense flavor, crunchy
texture and the stems are thick and rich in carbohydrates.

They can be stir-fried, used as a garnish, in soups, salads or steamed

How to keep them.

Lentil shoots are a very delicate and subtle ingredient and don’t keep
well. Buy them just before using them, store in the refrigerator, isolated
from other foods and in a slightly damp environment. If there is too much
moisture they rot. Wash them just before serving.

Did you know?

The origin of the word lentil comes from the Latin "lenticule" meaning small lens..


  1. Dimension Viva   04.12.2013

    Los brotes, germinados y la hierba joven, poseen la fuerza concentrada de la planta, contienen todo su potencial de desarrollo y energ?a vital. Gracias por la informaci?n, Saludos!

  2. Delicooks   29.10.2013

    Hola Lidia, Siento no poder darte una respuesta pero ya paso tu comentario a alguien que tiene un huerto y a ver si nos puede ayudar... ;-) Espero poder darte una respuesta muy pronto Delicooks

  3. lidia   28.10.2013

    Hola soy Lidia. En mi casa tengo un terreno muy peque?o,un dia se me ocurrio poner lentejas por curiosidad y alcabo de unos dias vi,que crecia una hierva en forma como de helecho pero en minusculo. Que conclusion devo sacar? . Un saludo Lidia.

  4. Productos germinados   21.12.2010

    Sus propiedades la convierten en un alimento muy recomendable para personas con el estómago delicado, en los casos de anemia y en dietas para controlar el peso. Los brotes de cebolla poseen altas dosis de agua, vitaminas, minerales, enzimas y elementos antioxidantes que estimulan los procesos digestivos y ayudan a regenerar la flora intestinal.

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