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Black or Kumato tomato.

Black or Kumato tomato.

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Black or Kumato tomato.

In Delicooks we've already spoken of the origins, characteristics and nutritional properties of the tomato, an essential ingredient in every kitchen. To view the general overview, click here. We will now focus on the different varieties of tomatoes and how to buy them.
Characteristics of the black tomato
The black tomato has been grown in gardens and orchards since ancient times. Although some consider it native to the Galapagos Islands, the truth is that it grows naturally as a native species in places as disparate as the Basque Country, Andalucia, the United Kingdom or South America. It's also known as the Russian black tomato or the Crimean black tomato and, in recent years, this variety has been called "Kumato" confusing a registered trademark of a tomato variety. It is also wrongly believed that the black tomato is a product of genetic modification, when in fact the sale of genetically modified tomatoes is prohibited by European legislation. The black tomato that is produced today is a hybrid, the result of improvements in traditional and natural cultivation practices.
Of course, the most distinctive feature of the black tomato is the color, which is not a pure black, but composed of shades ranging from green, reddish brown and very dark, to almost black. It is a surprisingly sweet and juicy tomato with a fair counterpoint of acidity, is very tasty, aromatic and has crunchy flesh.

The black tomato can vary in size. Like Raf tomatoes, they ripen from the inside out, so they are best eaten when firm to the touch. As always, everything is a matter of taste, and we can eat fully ripe. The riper it is, the sweeter and softer the flesh.

Characteristics of the Kumato tomato
The Kumato is a registered trademark for a variety of black tomato, owned by Syngenta Seeds, marketed in the European Union, and produced in Belgium, Spain, France and Switzerland. In Spain, it is grown mainly in southern regions of Andalusia and Murcia. The organoleptic characteristics of the Kumato are more homogeneous because they must meet quality standards before release onto the market. While undoubtedly delicious, they are rather small, weighing in at between 80 and 120 grams per unit. They are usually found in supermarkets or department stores and are identified by the Kumato brand label. Kumato tomatoes are not cheap, but are well worth the price thanks to their taste, fragrance, sweetness and texture, which are sure to satisfy the most demanding palates.
How to buy black tomatoes
If you can't find Kumato tomatoes where you live, don't despair! You can find quality black tomatoes in some local markets and these will often be quite cheap. Meanwhile, the Internet has given growers and consumers a useful tool: you can buy online both black tomatoes as well as black tomato seeds. When buying black tomatoes, remember that they ripen from the inside out and that you should buy them when they are very firm to the touch.
Keeping black tomatoes
As with Raf tomatoes, it is best to buy just the amount that you plan to consume in the coming days and keep them in a ventilated and cool area. If you keep them in the refrigerator, you'll delay ripening and they'll last longer, but they will lose many of the qualities that make them delicious.

How to eat black tomatoes
The aroma, intense, sweet flavor and the texture of the black or Kumato tomato, makes it ideal for salads, and brings a lively a touch of color to dishes. The crunchy texture of the flesh means they can be cut into very thin slices. Delicooks offers a variety of recipes using these delicious tomatoes.


  1. isaac   14.09.2014

    Yo compre tomaye kumatus le saque la semilla y la sembr? asi consegu? las plantas

  2. Ceri Matthews   18.07.2014

    I was intreeged by the colour and so bought a pack. They were very firm to the touch and even though I thought they were not ripe, I thought I would try one. I was delighted with the texture - they were ripe after all - and especially liked their sweetness and good taste. I shall certainly buy them again to add to my salad. Well done, an excellent tomato - more should be made of the fact that they are ripe when firm! Ceri Matthews Ystradgynlais Swansea UK .

  3. Pedro Carmona   10.05.2014

    Hola donde puedo comprar plantas de tomates kumato. ? estas plantas de tomates son altas de ca?a o bajas?

  4. Juan Pantoja cala   29.03.2014

    Este pasado mes de marzo compre semillas de tomate negro de crimea as? como Otra variedad de tomate gigante y ya sembr? las semillas espero poder disfrutar de los sabores de los dos os dejo una direcci?n donde pod?is localizar un mont?n de variedades de tomates.

  5. Isabel   29.03.2014

    Estoy interesada en la vompra de semilla negra tumako,donde podria acceder a ellas,como es la planta en si,es resistente ara srmbrar al aire libre,gracias

  6. Ilie Constantin   29.03.2014

    Tengo un huerto y plante pra probar 8 matas tienen un monton de tomates, hoy chojy primeros 4 tomatitos...ademas plante en 8 de junio 6 matas y se cresen muy rapido.

  7. jero   29.03.2014

    Hola, en mazarron, Murcia se cultivan el tomate kumato. El precio actual es de 0,85 el kilo, venta al Por mayor. Qui?n desee que Sr ponga en contacto conmigo. Hago de intermediario.

  8. Maria Helena Martins   29.03.2014

    Eu queria cultivar Kumato, como conseguir a planta na zona de Pontevedra, espanha (galiza

  9. florentina cebrian soler   21.02.2013

    me gustaria saber como se cultiba el kumacu porque este año tengo plantadas anas plantas GRCIAS

  10. Camila   21.02.2013

    Me gustaria saber que precio tiene el kilo.

  11. javier Orense   21.02.2013

    yo llevo dos a?os cultivando tomate negro komato en un peque?o huerto y la verdad es excelente en sabor ademas est?n echando floraci?n seguido 8 floraciones como m?nimo cuando en otras razas son 4 o 5 como masximo,yo consegu? la semilla de un amigo que me trajo tomate de Z?mora pero creo que si se compran en el mercado bien maduros y se le extrae la semilla se consigue.

  12. javier Orense   21.02.2013

    yo llevo dos a?os cultivando tomate negro komato en un peque?o huerto y la verdad es excelente en sabor ademas est?n echando floraci?n seguido 8 floraciones como m?nimo cuando en otras razas son 4 o 5 como masximo,yo consegu? la semilla de un amigo que me trajo tomate de Z?mora pero creo que si se compran en el mercado bien maduros y se le extrae la semilla se consigue.

  13. mariola carmona   04.10.2010

    estoy muy interesada en esta variedad de tomate y quisiera saber donde puedo conseguir toda la informacion para su cultivo.gracias

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